Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

Landau Congress

L.D.Landau Memorial Conference
"Advances in Theoretical Physics"

June 22-26, 2008      Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia
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Conference program

Sunday, June 22
9.00-9.40V.L. Pokrovsky Weakly interacting Bose gas in a disordered environment
9.40-10.20S. Stringari Superfluidity of trapped atomic gases
10.20-11.00E.A. Demler Nonequilibrium spin dynamics in systems of ultracold atoms
coffee break
11.40-12.20A.W.W. Ludwig Anderson Localization at Boundaries, and Topological Insulators
12.20-13.00N. Andrei Quantum Impurities out of Equilibrium
13.00-13.40F.D.M. Haldane Berry Phases and Fermi Liquid theory in the anomalous Hall effect and in the lowest Landau level
15.00-15.40A.Yu. Kitaev Periodic table for topological insulators and superconductors
15.40-16.20M.P.A. Fisher Critical Quantum Spin Liquids in Two Dimensions
coffee break
16.50-17.30M.R. Zirnbauer Energy correlations for a random matrix model of disordered bosons
17.30-18.10V.E. Kravtsov One-dimensional localization: devil's staircase of statistical anomalies
18.10-18.50L.S. Levitov Quantum Noise as an Entanglement Meter
19.00Welcome party
Monday, June 23
9.00-9.40T. Damour Chaos and Symmetry in Gravity and Supergravity
9.40-10.20A.Yu. Kamenshchik The problem of initial conditions in cosmology
10.20-11.00L. Kofman Very early universe
coffee break
11.40-12.20M. Sasaki Delta N formalism and nonlinear curvature perturbations from inflation
12.20-13.00A.A. Starobinsky Scalar-tensor and f(R) models of dark energy in the Universe
13.00-13.40R.A. Sunyaev Clusters of galaxies, cosmic microwave background and cosmology
15.00-15.40V.E. Zakharov Theory of Freak Waves and Possible Integrability of the Hydrodynamics with Free Surface
15.40-16.20S.E. Korshunov Universal and non-universal tails of distribution functions in the directed polymer and KPZ problems
coffee break
16.50-17.30G.E. Falkovich Emerging symmetries and condensates in turbulent inverse cascades
17.30-18.10C.L. Henley Mechanisms for macroscopic chirality in organisms
18.10-18.50V.B. Geshkenbein Munchhausen effect, tunneling in an asymmetric SQUID
Tuesday, June 24
9.00-9.40V.P. Mineev Pressure-temperature phase diagram of ferromagnetic superconductors
9.40-10.20E.I. Kats Electromagnon excitations in modulated multiferroics
10.20-11.00S.A. Brazovskii Solitonic quasi-particles in electronic systems with a long range order
coffee break
11.40-12.20K.B. Efetov Effect of magnetic field on transport in granular materials
12.20-13.00B.Z. Spivak Theory of disordered d-wave superconductors
13.00-13.40I.R. Gabitov Transient phenomena on the interface of optical materials with negative index of refraction
15.00-15.40D.A. Ivanov Resonating-valence-bond physics and topological order in two dimensions: from dimer models to high-temperature superconductivity
15.40-16.20J.T. Chalker Phase transitions in highly constrained systems
coffee break
16.50-17.30A.F. Andreev Non-classical rotation of quantum glasses
17.30-18.10V.V. Cheianov Spin dynamics in a one-dimensional Bose ferromagnet
18.10-18.50I.S. Burmistrov The Problem of True Macroscopic Charge Quantization in Coulomb Blockade
Wednesday, June 25
9.00-9.40S.M. Girvin `Circuit QED': Quantum Optics and Quantum Computation with Josephson Junctions
9.40-10.20Yu.V. Nazarov Statistics of Measurement of Non-commuting Quantum Variables
10.20-11.00G. Blatter Wave-packet Formalism of Full Counting Statistics
coffee break
11.40-12.20G.B. Lesovik Entanglement and noise in quantum conductors
12.20-13.00B. Doucot Residual decoherence in protected qubits
13.00-13.40L.B. Ioffe Low frequency dynamics of quantum spins at high temperatures in the absence of dissipation
15.00-15.40M.A. Skvortsov Giant Nernst effect due to fluctuating Cooper pairs in superconductors
15.40-16.20A.M. Finkelstein Metal-Insulator Transition in Disordered Two-Dimensional Electron Systems (Anderson transition in the presence of electron-electron interactions)
coffee break
16.50-17.30L.N. Lipatov Integrability at high energy QCD and N=4 SUSY
17.30-18.10N.A. Nekrasov Quantum integrability, mass puzzle, and gauge theory
18.10-18.50V.A. Kazakov From Classical to Quantum Integrability in the AdS/CFT correspondence
19.00Conference dinner
Thursday, June 26
9.00-9.40M.I. Katsnelson Graphene: New bridge between condensed matter and quantum electrodynamics
9.40-10.20M. Müller Relativistic magnetotransport in graphene
10.20-11.00P.M. Ostrovsky Anomalous localization and quantum Hall effect in disordered graphene
coffee break
11.40-12.20H. Fritzsch Flavor Symmetries, Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Oscillations
12.20-13.00D.I. Diakonov Statistical physics of dyons and quark confinement
13.00-13.40A.S. Gorsky Amplitudes in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory from the geometry of the momentum space
15.00-15.40J. Cardy Entanglement in Quantum Field Theory
15.40-16.20A.B. Zamolodchikov On the correlation numbers in Minimal Gravity and Matrix Models
coffee break
16.50-17.30I.B. Khriplovich Quantized black holes, their spectrum and radiation
17.30-18.10M.V. Chertkov Statistical Inference and Loop Calculus in Physics, Computer and Information Sciences